What’s the Future of Digital Television?

Today is the golden age for TV viewers since new ways to watch your favorite TV channels were introduces and technology advancement has brought to almost every country worldwide digital television standards. The question is what the future of digital television is? The fact is television one of the largest marketing categories, and television is an original native advertising platform. Besides being an advertising platform, television is a certain intersection of technology and media as well. This is what would create the future of digital television.

Traditional TV is going Nowhere

Traditional TV in comparison to digital television has achieved enormous scale, and consumer behavior is somehow cemented. Development in disruptive trends also has brought some changes in this world like using data in order to determine which shows get produced and using more intuitive interfaces which enhance the navigation experience. Also, the viewers are in control and they can watch whatever they want at any time. By all account the future of television is on digitization and digital television will soon replace traditional television completely and most of the countries worldwide terminated their terrestrial analog television standards and adopted digital standards.

Recently Reed Hastings who is CEO of Netflix announced that his company is bringing its Internet TV networks to more than hundred thirty countries worldwide. Youtube also is getting involved more with digital television since they announced their partnership with GoPro and YouTube video platform would soon support HDR video. Also recent years all major television manufacturers tried to beat competitors by producing larger, sharper and smarter TV’s and the trend is still growing.

Major Changes

It is obvious that major changes are there especially considering digital television since the rise of high definition digital television. Platforms such as Sling TV, Netflix, and HBO in the wake of the announcements, created significant industry change towards digital television. Also, they created new concepts in the industry regarding consumers and television content.

For years the classic model of television has been broken, and cable companies have suffered a huge profit loss over the past few years. On the other hand, there is YouTube which has benefited enormously from a rapidly growing digital trend. Studies show that by 2019 more than ninety percent of all Internet traffic will be on video. Youtube also made a certain step towards capitalizing on the trend and unveiled another paid subscription service YouTube Red in October. The future of digital television is by all accounts predominant to traditional TV since traditional TV is going nowhere.