The digitisation of gambling

The digitisation of gambling

July 18, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Online gambling market is rapidly growing industry and worldwide marketplace worth billions. Since the introduction of first online venue back in 1995, the number of people switching from land-based casinos to the online venues has been increasing ever since. Despite a continuous decline in traditional gambling over the years, the online gambling industry is very competitive business, and the market is overwhelmed with increasing number of companies which are introducing their ways into the market.

The Introduction Traditional Gambling

Traditional gambling has a rich and long history dating several centuries back. The first casino was introduced in Europe in the 17th century, and one century later the first American casino opened its door to players. The gambling evolution in the past century has followed the technology advancements and technology developments which served as significant impact on the overall industry.

First Online Gambling Venues

The first great innovation towards digitization of gambling was the introduction of telephone betting. Today, online gambling digitization has brought your favorite games into every household, and you can enjoy this mainstream leisure activity practically at any time both at your home and while on the move. The number of online gambling platforms has been increasing rapidly over the past few years even though casino industry has embraced the Internet relatively recently.

The online gaming market has grown to be a multi-billion market, especially in Europe. It is attracting both men and women worldwide. When it comes to the US online gambling market, they suffered as slow start since Congress stepped in with laws to halt an enormous surge in online gambling. However, the US states Delaware, Nevada, and NewJersey in 2013 legalized interstate inline gambling while several other states are on their ways to the online gambling legislation. Gambling market highly unlikely will evolve into a purely online venture, but it will always be a huge industry of that kind which must keep up with technology advancements to secure its future.