LeoVegas CEO: rapid digitization and its influence on the gambling industry

LeoVegas CEO: rapid digitization and its influence on the gambling industry

October 12, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Gambling’s history has been dominated by brick and mortar casinos for a long time until the arrival of the digital age. As technology has advanced in various ways, digital improvements served as fertile ground for establishing first online casino venues more than twenty years ago. The first real novelty which affected gambling world was the introduction of telephone betting in the middle of the 20th century.

Telephone betting provided automated wagering processes which provided certain value for both customer and business provider. The bast part was that all of this could be done without leaving home. On the other hand, the 21st century has witnessed the speedy digitalization of gambling industry. Today online gambling has grown to be the worldwide marketplace and multi-billion industry. CEO of the well-known online gambling website LeoVegas was kind to talk us through the changes which took place in this industry not so long time ago.

Rapid Digitization of Gambling

Johan Stryen, the CEO of LasVegas, explains that advancements in technology have brought digitization in every industry and gambling industry was not excluded. Some industries have managed to exploit technology developments, and most certainly gambling industry is one of those. How well technology can be applied, and all opportunities which it provides is best seen in the gambling industry. The fact is that this industry was quick to utilize all technology opportunities and open them to a new online audience and for all who were looking for excitement and entertainment while on the move and at home.

The Digitization of Everything

Johan Stryen believes that recent reduction in portable devices related cost and also the expansion into still developing markets will most certainly see an increase of those who are using smartphones. In other words, together with the technological advancements standard definition of mobile will broaden to round off more devices not limited only to tablets and smartphones. There is an increasing trend of using digital glasses, watches, and bracelets which are adding a certain innovation to the current market. Technologies like flawless speech recognition augmented reality and less power hungry mobile chips will most certainly bring a great change in the market as well.

The gambling industry must be open to technology changes and look at it more pro-actively and search for ways of exploiting new technology developments in order to provide more entertainments and better service to their customers. Johan Stryen also introduced us with their most recent innovation and the progress in Touch ID enabled them to allow their iPhone customers to log into the LeoVegas using just their fingerprint.