Author: Krasimir Ilev

The digitisation of gambling

Online gambling market is rapidly growing industry and worldwide marketplace worth billions. Since the introduction of first online venue back in 1995, the number of people switching from land-based casinos to the online venues has been increasing ever since. Despite a continuous decline in traditional gambling over the years, the online gambling industry is very…
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July 18, 2017 0

How technology has changed the gambling market

Over the last twenty years, online gambling has grown to a worldwide market and more billions worth industry. The gambling industry has always been following the technology advancements step by step, and technology opportunities were quickly adapted and implemented in this iGaming sector. Even as far back as the as the telegram times, bookmakers were…
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February 6, 2017 0

LeoVegas CEO: rapid digitization and its influence on the gambling industry

Gambling’s history has been dominated by brick and mortar casinos for a long time until the arrival of the digital age. As technology has advanced in various ways, digital improvements served as fertile ground for establishing first online casino venues more than twenty years ago. The first real novelty which affected gambling world was the…
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October 12, 2016 0